[Fixed]Pickcel app is not launching on Android TV

Why Pickcel app is not launching on my Android TV ?

A. Enabling the Pickcel app to launch on boot in android TCL TV

What is Launch on-boot?
Enabling any application for 'launch on-boot' allows the app to automatically start every time the device or screen is turned on.
1. On the top-right corner of your TV screen, you should see a settings gear icon. Click on the icon.

2. Navigate to the Apps module.

3. Click on the Special app access option.

4. Click on the Display over other apps.

5. Enable special access for the Pickcel app.

Enable the Auto launch permission from Safety Guard App.

1. Click on the Safety Guard app from the Apps Store.

2. Click on Permission Sheild 

3. Click on Auto Launch Permission

4. Auto manager option make it Closed and Pickcel app permission should be Opened.

Once the settings are applied, the Pickcel app will launch on boot.

B. Files and Media Permissions 

1. On the top-right corner of your TV screen, you should see a settings gear icon. Click on the icon.

2. Navigate to the 'Apps' module.

3.  Click on Pickcel app from under All apps.

4. Click on Permissions

5Click on  Files and Media under Additional permissions 

6. Select Allow all the time 

Note: In any android 11/12 TV, if there was already some downloaded files , and there is an reinstall of app in screen it will be black screen for those old files. To avoid such issues : 
- It is suggested to download the app from the Pickcel website in such cases 
- Alternatively, if you are installing the app from the play store then, manually clear the pickcel folder before installing the new app 

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