How to add the Slack app from the Pickcel digital signage App Store?

How to add the App for Slack from the Pickcel App Store?

Pickcel's Slack allows you to show content from your Slack account and a channel where you are a member.

1. Login to your Pickcel accountClick on the Apps module.

2.  Search for the app Slack using the Search box and you will find the app "App for Slack". Hover and click on Create App.

3. Click on the Login Slack button.

4. Enter your workspace's Slack URL here.

5. Sign in to your Slack account. You can use Google login or Apple login/ enter your email id and password directly and login.

6. Click on Allow to access your workspace.

7. Enter the App name, select the Slack channel and No. of Posts to be shown and enter the slide duration.

8. Once we authenticate and select the channel from the drop down, we have to open Slack app and check if Digital Signage bot has been added. If not, we can add it by clicking on Apps and Search for Digital Signage. Click on Digital Signage.

9. If added it will be seen under your apps section.

10. We must invite this bot to the channel that we want to show in screen with a command: /invite @Digital Signage

11. It will get added and show a message like this.

12. Now go back to the Slack app and click on Create app.

Your app will be created and look like this on screen.