Can I have multiple schedules for a Pickcel Digital Signage screen ?

Can I have multiple schedules for a screen ?

No,  we can not have multiple schedules for a screen. But we can have multiple compositions arranged in day sequences inside a schedule which will cover all the requirements. 
If one screen already has active schedule and if you try to assign a new schedule to that screen then the older one will get replaced.
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    • How many schedules can I assign to a single screen?

      At any point in time, a single screen can be associated with only one active schedule. When a new schedule is assigned to a screen that already has an active schedule, the new schedule will supersede the existing one.
    • Can I add multiple videos in my composition ?

      In general, we do not recommend the use of multiple videos, spread in different zones of the composition as the behavior is unpredictable depending on the device you are using . Recommended way of using videos is having them all in one zone in a ...
    • How do we Schedule or Publish contents on the screen?

      There are three ways to schedule/publish the contents. 1. Quick Play Click on "Composition" Create a composition if you do not have one created. Hover your mouse on to that composition to see the "Play" icon and click on it. Give a name to this quick ...
    • Can I have multiple compositions for multiple displays in my account?

      Yes, you can create multiple compositions for multiple displays. Also, you can use the default layout templates available in the Pickcel Console or create your own custom template. You can also use the option "Templates" to use some already created ...
    • How do we Schedule or Publish contents on the screen using Publish module(V4)?

      Note : This  feature will be available to users registered after 27th Jan 2022 Watch us on Youtube ! Scheduling is a way to publish predefined content to the screens for user's choice of time and date. Schedule can be set for any shorter to longer ...