Can I have multiple zones in a digital signage display? How many videos can I add? | Pickcel

Can I have multiple zones in a single display? If yes, how many videos can I add?

Yes, you can create a maximum of 8 zones for a single display. In each zone you can add separate videos. By default, the audio from the zone 1 will be played while all the videos from other zones will be running simultaneously.

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    • Can I add multiple videos in my composition ?

      In general, we do not recommend the use of multiple videos, spread in different zones of the composition as the behavior is unpredictable depending on the device you are using . Recommended way of using videos is having them all in one zone in a ...
    • Can I create multiple partition within the display to run different contents?

      Yes, you can create multiple partitions. In Pickcel we call it as Zone. In each zone you can run different images, video or apps as per your needs. To know more about zones click here. Apart from Images and Videos you can also use apps such as ...
    • How many user logins do I get with a single Pickcel account?

      As of now, you will get only one user login for an account for the Trial and Professional plan. Enterprise users will get a multi-user login feature upon request. In the future, you will get a provision to add multiple accounts with different ...
    • How many schedules can I assign to a single screen?

      A single screen can have only one active schedule at any given time.  If a new schedule is assigned to a screen that already has an active schedule, the new schedule will replace the existing one. 
    • Can I have multiple compositions for multiple displays in my account?

      Yes, you can create multiple compositions for multiple displays. Also, you can use the default layout templates available in the Pickcel CMS or create your own custom template. You can also use the option "Templates" to use some already created ...