Pickcel |Do I have to pay manually every month ?

Do I have to pay manually every month ? Or my credit card would be auto-debited every month?

Your credit card will be automatically charged on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the subscription you've selected.

For instance, if you acquired a license for 10 displays on May 1 under a monthly subscription, your account will be automatically debited for 10 displays starting the following month (June 5).

Suppose you decide to add 2 more display licenses after the initial subscription, say, on May 15. In this case, the additional cost for the new licenses will be upfrontly charged for the remaining days until your next billing date.

Starting the subsequent billing cycle, you'll receive a consolidated bill for a total of 12 licenses, and the entire amount will be automatically debited from your card.

If your credit card doesn't support auto-debit or if you're an Enterprise customer, a manual invoice will be generated and sent to you. You can then make the payment using the provided payment link in the invoice.