How can I cancel my trial account?

How can I cancel my trial account?

You have the flexibility to cancel your plan at any time to avoid automatic upgrades, but your account will remain active and accessible until the end of the trial period.  If you ever change your mind, you can always renew the plan and continue using your account.

Should you encounter any problems, please feel free to reach out to our support team. They are here to provide assistance and help resolve any issues you may have.
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    • Can I cancel my account anytime?

      With Pickcel trial service you have no obligations and no hidden commitments. You can cancel your account anytime. However, for the paid versions it depends on the contracts and commitments. For more information, contact our support team.
    • How to upgrade my account from the trial plan?

      1. Log in to your Pickcel account. Click on My Plan from the menu. 2. By default the plan will be selected as Professional trial for 14 days when you sign up with Pickcel. You can click on Upgrade to increase the license or upgrade the plan to ...
    • How to cancel my Pickcel subscription?

      To cancel your Pickcel subscription, follow these steps: 1. Login to your Pickcel account. Then, go to the My Plan module. 2. Click on View plan. 3. In this plan page, you can view the plan details and update/cancel. Click on Cancel plan to cancel ...
    • Why am I seeing the message "Trial period expired" as soon as I log in to my Pickcel account?

      The "Trial period expired" pop-up appears when your 14-day trial period has come to an end. It serves as a notification that your trial period has concluded. The pop-up will be displayed in the following manner: When you see this pop up, make sure to ...
    • How do I delete my Pickcel account?

      Unfortunately, the option to delete your Pickcel account is not available within the user dashboard. To proceed with permanent account deletion, kindly reach out to our dedicated support team, who will assist you through the process. Users have the ...