How to change card details added for payments in Pickcel cms?

How can I change the card details added for payments in Pickcel ?

The card details can be changed or a new card can be added for payments from the stripe pages. Please follow the below steps to add a new card and to make it as default payment option : 

1. Login to console and go to My Plan module and click on View Plan 

2.  You will be taken to the stripe payment page. Here click on Add payment method

3. Enter your card details and click on Add

4.  The newly added card will be visible in the listing now. Click on the 3 dots against the card and select Make default, if this card needs to be used for future payments by default

5. You can also delete this new card details by clicking on Delete.

Note that you cannot delete a card that is made default as it will be used for your active plan.

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