How can I know whether my screen is online or offline in Pickcel?

In Pickcel, how can I determine whether my screen is currently online or offline?

There are three methods available to check whether the screen is online or offline.

Option 1: From the screen listing
Within the screen module listing, you can find a column labeled Last Seen, which displays either a red dot or a green dot. This indicator serves to show whether the screen is currently online (green dot) or offline (red dot).

Option 2: Against each screen details.
Located at the top left corner, there is a dot visible on the screen. A red dot signifies that the screen is offline, while a green dot indicates that the screen is online.

Option 3: From your screen
In the bottom right corner of your screen, you'll find Health Indicators. The first indicator from the left displays the status of the internet connection. If it appears red, it indicates that the screen is offline; if it's green, it means the screen is online.

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