How to pair or register digital signage player with CMS? | Pickcel

How to pair or register a device with the Pickcel Console?

1. Connect the digital signage player to the display and configure it with the Internet. 

2. Download & install the Pickcel digital signage application on your signage player device:
3. Launch the Pickcel app and note down the 6-digit Display registration code

4. Log in to your Pickcel account. You will be in Screen module. Click on Add Screen.
Pickcel also hosts a customer-specific cloud environment and serves through different URLs. If your media player is supplied by one of our partners, then the Pickcel app will come pre-installed with it. Please check with your service provider on further details and which server to connect to.

5. Enter the 6 digit registration code as shown on your screen/device to the add screen window of

5. Enter screen name, location, and google location. You can add a tag for your screen (This is optional) like this.

6. Click on Proceed to complete the registration.

Screen will be added in your account and will display the default composition on the screen like this. 

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