How to pair or register digital signage player with CMS? | Pickcel

How to pair or register a device with the Pickcel Console?

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1. Connect the digital signage player to the display and configure it with the Internet. 

2. Download & install the Pickcel digital signage application on your signage player device:
3. Launch the Pickcel app and note down the 6-digit Display registration code

4. Log in to and click on the  Screen > " Add Screen" button
Pickcel also hosts a customer-specific cloud environment and serves through different URLs. If your media player is supplied by one of our partners, then the Pickcel app will come pre-installed with it. Please check with your service provider on further details and which server to connect to.

5. Enter the 6 digit registration code as shown on your screen/device to the add screen window of

5. Enter screen name, location name, and google location, to complete the screen registration.