How do I choose a display screen ?

How do I choose a display screen ?

There are different types of displays available in market and it is important to choose it based on your needs. Here are a few factors that you need to consider while picking the right digital signage device:

  1. Types Of Display

    You need to go through the types of displays that are available for your digital signage. LED and LCD screens are the most popular types that people prefer. There are all-in-one smart digital signage displays that are becoming popular due to their versatility. 

  2. Expected Lifespan

    When you select a screen, check how many hours it can last. For instance, commercial displays are made for 24*7 use, whereas consumer displays may be restricted by time.

  3. Size Matters Always

    There are a variety of sizes available for display, and you need to choose according to your needs. For instance, small screens are better for kiosks, and larger screens are good for commercial displays of the shop.

  4. Check The Resolution

    Display resolution is important as it decides the readability of content shown, and it at least has to be 1080p. 4K resolution is the best for high clarity on larger screens. However, it is best to consider your needs and then choose an ideal resolution.

  5. Bezel Is Important

     If you go by the trend, smaller bezels are the go-to option. When you get thinner bezels, you can make your content the center of attraction; there will be more space for your content. You can also avoid bezels if you want to go for full-screen resolution.

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