How to add assets in Pickcel digital signage cms? | Pickcel

How to add media in Pickcel Console?

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1. Login to your Pickcel account.  > Click on the Media menu > " + Add Media" button.

2. Select the option of your choice from the dropdown menu.

3. Click on "Add files".

4. Select the files to be uploaded as media from your local storage. Then, click on "Upload". You will find a progress bar while uploading.

5.  A confirmation will be displayed after the upload is successful.

6. To manage apps, please visit here.

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    • What are Media?

      Media are the video, images, and apps that you upload to the Pickcel CMS. These are basically the contents that you play on your screens (Displays/TV Screens). We support all standard formats of images/videos, pdf, and GIFs.
    • Is it compulsory to purchase the Android Media player (device) from Pickcel?

      Pickcel has tested more than 20+ Media Players that are available in the market and recommends Android Media players for better outcome and efficiency. However, you can purchase any Android player with minimum system requirements given by Pickcel. ...
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      Yes, the Pickcel-recommended media players support both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Refer to the Pickcel Digital signage player page for more information.
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      Yes, you can use your own Android Media player device. However, your Media player should have the below minimum requirements. Minimum system requirement to run Pickcel:  Android version 5.1 and above.  Minimum 2 GB RAM Minimum storage of 8 GB Quad ...