What is your digital signgage licensing model? How does it work? | Pickcel

How does your license model work?

We have three licensing models:

1. Professional or subscription-based plan
2. Enterprise for more than 250 displays
3. On-premise solution which can be hosted on your data center or cloud

For more information, visit https://www.pickcel.com/pricing.htmlcontact or contact our support team. 

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    • Can Pickcel signage work on moving vehicles, say a cab or a bus?

      Yes, Pickcel signage can work on any scenario including moving vehicles provided there is stable internet connectivity. 
    • How do I get additional license for my account?

      1. Log in to https://console.pickcel.com/#/ 2. Go to "My Plan" on the dashboard 3. Click on the "Add license" option 4. Add the required number of licenses; then click on "Proceed" 5. An order summary screen and a payment gateway page will load. ...
    • Who can become an Enterprise user?

      You can become an Enterprise user if your license requirement is for more than 250 displays. Any existing Trial or Professional account can be converted to an Enterprise account. For more information on our Enterprise plan, visit ...
    • Cropping and Aspect Ratio Limitations

      Image editing can be done in three different ways: 1. Fit-to-zone: If this option is used, the image will fill the entire zone. 2. Maintain aspect ratio: If you choose this option, the image's original aspect ratio will be preserved. 3. Crop: This ...
    • Do I have to pay manually every month ? Or my credit card would be auto-debited every month?

      Your credit card will be auto-debited every month/year depending on the subscription you have opted for. For example, if you have purchased the license for 10 displays on May 1, on a monthly subscription then your account will be auto-debited for 10 ...