How many digital signage displays can be run at a time with Pickcel? | Pickcel

How many displays in an instance can be supported on Pickcel?

Pickcel can support any number of screens on its cloud Infrastructure. If you have a requirement for more than 250 digital signage screen licenses, you may contact us for our Enterprise plan.
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    • Is multilingual supported on Pickcel?

      Currently, the Pickcel application (Pickcel console) is available in English, Spanish & French. The Pickcel website is available in two languages: English and Spanish. We have developed several news apps in Spanish, Arabic, French, Japanese, ...
    • What are the media file formats supported in Pickcel?

      We support any video format except flash videos(FLV & F4V). Supported image formats are JPEG, GIF and PNG. We also support PDF (Single and multiple pages)  
    • Can I have multiple compositions for multiple displays in my account?

      Yes, you can create multiple compositions for multiple displays. Also, you can use the default layout templates available in the Pickcel CMS or create your own custom template. You can also use the option "Templates" to use some already created ...
    • Is 4k video supported in Pickcel ?

      By default , Pickcel does not support 4k videos. Please contact our Support team to enable this option in your account.  Before using any 4k video with Pickcel app,please verify if your device supports 4k videos. You can do this by playing any 4k ...
    • How many user logins do I get with a single Pickcel account?

      As of now, you'll get only one user login for an account for the Trial and Professional plan. Enterprise users will get a multi-user login feature upon request. In the future, you will get a provision to add multiple accounts with different ...