Pickcel| What is device profile in digital signage?

How to add a Device Profile in Pickcel Application?

A device profile defines a set of parameters to be applied to the devices. This can be assigned to multiple devices. To create a Device profile, please follow the steps: 

1. Click on Settings module:

2. Click on Device Profile:

3. Click on Add Profile, a pop up opens:

4. Add a profile name, enable or disable the health indicator, and add a logo. 

Note: You can adjust the size of the logo and also specify the x and y axis of the position of the logo on screen. 

5. Click on Add Profile after all the details are added. 

6. To assign a screen to this profile. Select the profile that you want add and click on the three dots. 

7. Click on Assign Screens and select the screens that you want to add this profile to:

8. Click on Assign and the screen will be assigned with the profile. 

Note: After assigning to the screen it will take about 2-3 minutes to reflect on screen after reload/reboot


You can also edit and delete the profile by clicking on three dots and clicking on Edit/Delete.