How to add bulletin board from Pickcel Digital Signage App Store?

How to add the Bulletin Board app from the Pickcel App Store?

1. Login to your Pickcel account. Go to the 'Apps' module.

2. Search for the 'Bulletin board' app using the search field.

3.Hover on the App and click on 'Create App' button:

4. Enter a name of your choice in the 'App Name' text box for identification of the App 

5. Type a Title for the Bulletin Board: 

6. Select the Duration of each posts to be notice to be displayed:

7. Select a colour scheme to be displayed.
Colour Schemes available: Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

8. Select the format of viewing posts: (Single Post/Multi Post)

9. Add Bulletin Board Content: 
      1. Click on Add Content:
      2. Select a Bulletin Title: 

      3. Add a Bulletin Description: 

      4. Depending on your need, Select an image for your post:

      Click on the Upload button:


      Select image: 

      Selected Image will be shown here: 

      6.  Click on 'Add': 


      7. You can add multiple content like this and they are all displayed as a list in App Creation: 


10. Click on Preview and you can view the preview of the Bulletin board app this way: 

Single Post: 

Multi Posts: 

11. Finally Click on 'Create App' and it successfully creates the App: 

Your App is now ready for Display.

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