Cropping and Aspect Ratio Limitations

Cropping and Aspect Ratio Limitations

Image editing can be done in three different ways:
1. Fit-to-zone: If this option is used, the image will fill the entire zone.
2. Maintain aspect ratio: If you choose this option, the image's original aspect ratio will be preserved.
3. Crop: This option allows the user to manually select and edit an area of the image to be displayed in the zone.

1. This feature is supported only on Pickcel software v3.4 and above.
2. Aspect ratio will not work for the same image added twice/multiple times. For example, if you apply the option 'fit to zone' to one image, then you cannot apply 'maintain aspect ratio' to another copy of the same image.

3. Cropping will not work well for low-resolution images and videos.

Players side cropping and aspect ratio limitations:

  > Samsung Tizen Limitations
        1. In Tizen, multiple videos cannot be played simultaneously; a single video will play at a time. (Eg: In a Two-zone composition, upload video in both zones will not work, the video will run only in a single zone and the other zone will remain blank.)
        2. In Tizen, the aspect ratio for video will not work in multiple zones, video will work with fit to zone.

> Android 3.4 Limitations
       1. Works only on the version - 3.4 and above.
       2. In android, the aspect ratio for video will not work in multiple zones, video will work with fit to zone.

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