How to delete media in Pickcel console?

How to delete media in Pickcel digital signage?

Any media types (images,videos,PDFs and apps) can be deleted from media module following below steps, unless its not associated with any composition. 

1. Login to console and click on Media module 

2. Hover against the media to be deleted and three dots should be visible in the right hand side 

3. Click on the three dots and then click on Delete button : 

4. A confirmation popup will be displayed ,click on Yes Delete to proceed deleting or do not delete  :

You will see a warning message if the specific media is associated to any composition , otherwise the media will get deleted. 

Apps can be deleted from Apps module as well. Please follow below steps : 
1. Go  Apps module 

2. Hover on the application and click on the listing icon : 

3.  A list of instance of that particular app will be displayed . Hover on the instance ,that you want to delete and click on the 3 dots : 

4. Click on Delete :

5. A confirmation popup will be displayed ,click on Yes to proceed deleting :

On success you will get a success pop up, else if its associated to any composition it will show the below message: