How to enable multi-factor authentication for old users?

How to enable multi-factor authentication for old users?

For users who registered before 22/11/2023, please adhere to the following instructions:

1. Login to your Pickcel account.

2.  Click on the profile icon on the top right and navigate to "Settings".

3. Click on "Set up MFA". 

There are two components to this process:

1. First "Reset Password"
      A. Click on Reset password to reset your password of the account.


      B. Type the new password and click on "Update"

2. Set Up MFA. 
      A. Open your Google authenticator app and scan the QR code on the screen.


      B. You will be seeing a code on your app, type this code in the Enter verification code box with the device name. 


      C. Before the code expires, click on Authenticate.


4. It will be authenticated and the multi-factor authentication is done. Click on "Continue".

5. You will see a message saying Two factor authentication is enabled and your account is secure. 

To verify Multi-factor authentication:
  1. Log out and enter your account details on the login page. Click "Login."

  2. Open your authenticator app, quickly enter the code before it expires, and submit it in the provided boxes.

  3. Click "Continue."

  4. Your account will now be logged in securely with Multi-factor authentication.