How to Re-activate a display ?

How to Re-activate a display ?

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Please follow the following steps to re-activate the screen:

1. Log in to Pickcel ( using your credentials/Google mail account.

2. Select "Screen" from the available options.

3. Click on the filter option as highlighted below.

4. Click on the "Show deactivated screens" checkbox and apply the filter.

5. Only the deactivated screens will be visible now.

6. Select the screen which is to be reactivated, then click on the three vertical dots. Option to reactivate the screen will appear as shown below.

7. Confirm reactivation of the screen.

8. A confirmation message will be reflected as shown below.

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      We do not sell screens directly. However, we can support you in procuring display screens. We have a tie-up with leading Panel manufacturers like LG, Samsung & Phillips. For further information, you can reach out to our sales team.
    • What is a Display registration code?

      It is a unique 6 digit code which appears on display when signage player is connected for the first time. This code is required to pair your signage player with your Pickcel cloud account. Please follow the the instructions Here to generate the ...
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      Yes, you can create a maximum of 8 zones for a single display. In each zone you can add separate videos. By default, the audio from the zone 1 will be played while all the videos from other zones will be running simultaneously.  
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      Watch on youtube!                             1. Log in to Pickcel 2. Select the "Screen" option from the menu 3. Click on the name of the screen that you want to deactivate from the list of added screens. 4. The screen ...
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