I want to make the digital signage media files which I uploaded to the sub users. How can I do that ?

I want to make the media files available to the sub users. How can I do that ?

By default the media files you upload are private to you. You can make it available to all of your sub users by selecting an option while uploading the media file. Please contact our Support team to enable this option in your account. 

Once you have it enabled ,then follow the below steps to upload media : 

1. Login to your Pickcel account.  > Click on Media menu

2. Click on the Add media button. 

3. Click on Upload files option

4. Click on Upload From Computer to upload or you can also drag and drop media files from your computer. 

5.  In the popup , use the toggle button and enable media as Public and click on upload :

Files uploaded this way will be available for all sub users in the media listing. 
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