What is needed to run digital signage contents on the screens? | Pickcel

Do I need active internet connection to play contents in Pickcel digital signage?

Pickcel supports offline content rendering for Image/Video and Scroller app. In these cases, the Pickcel player downloads all content locally and plays as per the schedule.
However, an active internet connection is required on the signage player for
  1. First-time screen registration Process
  2. Updating schedule/content on the screen
  3. Publishing real-time emergency content (Quick Play feature)
  4. Remote monitoring and taking screenshots of contents
  5. All Internet-based signage content app e.g. URL, youtube, news apps, social apps, etc.
Note - In case a media player is not having RTC (Real-time clock) boots & runs without an internet connection, the device will not have correct local timing. In such a case, the player will not be able to play scheduled content, instead, it will play the default composition applied on the screen.