Is my details, informations and contents secured? | Pickcel

Is my information and content secured?

Yes, client communication with server is SSL based and all the traffic is sent over HTTPS. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Pickcel also has various access control mechanism through which you can restrict user access to certain features.
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    • How secure is my content on your cloud?

      Pickcel has developed on Multi-tenanted cloud architecture, where each tenant (user or organization) is logically separated from each other. Each customer/user will have unique credentials to login. All communication such as uploading data to Pickcel ...
    • What steps should I follow to retrieve my player information in Pickcel?

      To access your player details in Pickcel, follow these steps: 1. Log in to your Pickcel account. Navigate to the screen module. 2. Click on your desired screen name to fetch the screen details. 3. On the details page, simply click on the Device tab ...
    • Is there any specific time to schedule the content?

      No, there are no fixed time restrictions for scheduling content. With peer-to-peer connectivity, you have the flexibility to schedule content at any time of the day, and the content will be live on the device as per the specified schedule.
    • Why is my scheduled content not reflecting on the screen?

      If your scheduled content fails to appear on the screen, please adhere to the following technical steps for troubleshooting: Begin by logging into your Pickcel account and navigating to the 'Screens' module. Click on the screen name to access screen ...
    • Why is Default Content running on my screen even after schedule is associated to it?

      Default composition is a composition set to any screen that has no Quick Play or scheduled content assigned to it. This is also the composition that starts to play automatically whenever a new screen is added.  Default content may be running on your ...