What are Roles and how do I set user Roles for a user?

What are Roles and how do I set user Roles for a user?

user role defines a set of permissions for users to perform a group of tasks. By default, there are 4 roles. Admin, Manager, Editor, and Operator. 
The first registered user gets assigned as the 'Admin' who has access to everything in the account. The remaining 3 roles can be assigned to the other users by the Admin. 

A. Defining Roles of Users

1. Go to the 'Settings' module and click on the 'Role' tab. 

2. Under the Role tab, you can set the permissions for different Roles by clicking on the check boxes next to the specific task controls that you would allow a specific user (Manager/Editor/Operator) to access.Then click on ' Update '

B. Assigning Roles to Users

3. To assign Roles, you have to add users. Go to the 'User' tab and click on the '+ Add User' button.

4. Add the user details (name, email address,Password) and from the Drop down menu select the User role.

5.Select at least select one group (User creation is not possible without groups )

6.Click on Add User

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