What are assets in Pickel digital signage cms software? | Pickcel

What are Media?

Media encompasses the videos, images, and apps that you upload to the Pickcel CMS. These elements constitute the content that you display on your screens, including displays and TV screens. We offer compatibility with all common formats for images, videos, PDFs, and GIFs.
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    • What's Signage Media Player ?

      A media player is a device connected to the internet that showcases content on a screen. It serves as a conduit between the Content Management System (typically a computer) and the display screen. Its primary function is to receive instructions from ...
    • Is Signage Media Player always needed ?

      No, If screen has built-in media player then it is not required. A built-in media player means the signage player is embedded within the monitor itself. Example: Smart TVs based on Android, LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen etc.
    • How to add media in Pickcel Console?

      1. Login to your Pickcel account. Click on Media module 2. Click on the Add Media button. 3. Click on "Upload files" option 4. Click on "Upload From Computer" to upload or you can also drag and drop media files from your computer. 5. You can track ...
    • How to configure a signage media player ?

      Here are some general configuration steps you can follow when you want to configure an external signage media player like Android Box/Mi box/Firetv: First connect the media player to your TV screen with a HDMI. Configure this media player by ...
    • Why is my media files are not getting deleted ?

      Any media files added to Pickcel console can be deleted using the delete option against it. But if the media files are associated to any composition, then the media files will not be deleted and you will observe below error : In such cases, you will ...