What is needed to run digital signage contents on the screens? | Pickcel

What are the basic requirements to run Pickcel Digital Signage?

You can set up a Pickcel powered digital signage screen in few simple steps.
You would require the following:
  1. A screen / TV with an HDMI input
  2. A digital Signage player. In the case of a smart screen (Samsung Tizen (SSSP), LG WebOS, or Android TV) you may not require a digital signage player.
  3. Internet connection
  4. Subscription of Pickcel Digital signage solution
  1. Connect the TV screens with the digital signage player
  2. Install Pickcel signage player and configure digital signage player of your choice, as per instructions. 
  3. Register at pickcel.com
  4. Register media player/screen to your account.
  5. Upload media and create composition.
  6. Start publishing content on your screen.