What is a Group in Pickcel and how do I add a Group?

What is a Group and how do I add a Group?

A Group is a set of users who have access to a set of modules and their details within a Pickcel Account. Screens, Media, Compositions, and Schedules are filtered based on the groups. Users belonging to different groups will not be able to see each other's Screens, Media, Composition, and Schedule.

For example, you can set two Groups (Group 1 and Group 2) for two different geographical locations- A and B. Let's say, Group 1 will have the access to screens, media, etc. of Location A and Group 2 will have the access to the same in Location B. Under each group, you can set the user roles (Manager/Operator/Editor). The Manager of Group 1 will not be able to see the screens, media, etc. of the Manager of Group 2 and vice-versa.

Before Creating a Sub User, you need to create at least one Group. Any sub-user should be linked to a Group when they are created. 

How do I add a Group? 

1. Click on the 'Settings' module 

2. Click on the '+Add  Group' button under Groups

3.Next, assign a group name and description.

4.Click on ' Add Group '

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