What is the Compress option and different compress options in Pickcel?

What is the Compress option and different Compress options in Pickcel?

In Pickcel, by default any video you upload is compressed. To upload a video in different file sizes like 720P, 1080P etc., You can follow the steps:
In order to use this feature, you must have a Business account in Pickcel. Click here to know more about the pricing plans.

1. Login to your Pickcel account. Open Media module. 

2. Click  on Add Media.

3. Click on Upload Media.

4. You can upload from your system by clicking on Upload from Computer or drag and drop the videos from your system here.

5. Add your videos and on the click on the list here. You will see the different files resolutions that you want to compress. (720P,1080P,2160P) 

Since the application by default compresses the videos, you can choose to upload the original videos by selecting Original here.

6. Select the required selection for each video and click on Upload

7. It will be uploaded and added to the media. 

You can use your media accordingly.