What is the difference between "Reload screen", "Clear cache" and "Clear data" ?

What is the difference between "Reload screen", "Clear cache" and "Clear data" ?

All three options allow you to remotely maintain the Pickcel app
(To access these options go to screen details and click on three dots - refer to the screenshot below)

Reload Screen: This will reload/refresh the installed Pickcel application and fetch the latest schedule again. You can use this to validate if the screen is connected to the console (there is not network issue) or if the scheduled content is running on the screen.

Clear Cache: This will clear the local cache (the locally stored scripts and schedule definitions) of the Pickcel application, and immediately fetch the scripts/schedule definitions from the console again, and reload the screen. This option can be used if you observe content/schedule is not playing correctly and the issue does not get rectified after screen reload. 

Clear Data: This will clean all the files (all media files and script files) that have been downloaded so far to the local storage by the Pickcel app and then re-download the currently playing content and start playing it. This option can be used if you suspect the media files are not playing correctly or have corrupted.
This option should be used carefully and preferably should not be used in case of slow/unstable internet.

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