What's the maximum media file size uploaded to Pickcel digital signage CMS?

What is the maximum media file size that can be uploaded to Pickcel?

We don't have any file size restrictions for uploading media files. However, we recommend uploading files up to 500 MB at a time if your internet speed is not stable.

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    • How to add media in Pickcel Console?

      1. Login to your Pickcel account.  > Click on Media menu 2. Click on the "Media" button.  3. Click on "Upload files" option 4. Click on "Upload From Computer" to upload or you can also drag and drop media files from your computer.  5.  You can track ...
    • What are the media file formats supported in Pickcel?

      We support any video format except flash videos(FLV & F4V). Supported image formats are JPEG, GIF and PNG. We also support PDF (Single and multiple pages)  
    • How to check media playback report in Pickcel Digital Signage?

      Playback Reports/ Proof of play provide complete information about how many times your media( Images/Videos/Apps/Pdf) was played in loops along with the duration of each media in your digital signage device. To see the reports,please follow the below ...
    • Why is my media files are not getting deleted ?

      Any media files added to Pickcel console can be deleted using the delete option against it. But if the media files are associated to any composition, then the media files will not be deleted and you will observe below error :  In such cases, you will ...
    • What are Media?

      Media are the video, images, and apps that you upload to the Pickcel CMS. These are basically the contents that you play on your screens (Displays/TV Screens). We support all standard formats of images/videos, pdf, and GIFs.