Who can become an enterprise user of Pickcel digital signage? | Pickcel

Who can become an Enterprise user?

You can become an Enterprise user if your license requirement is for more than 250 displays. Any existing Trial or Professional account can be converted to an Enterprise account.

For more information on our Enterprise plan, visit https://www.pickcel.com/pricing.html or contact our support team.
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    • How many user logins do I get with a single Pickcel account?

      As of now, you'll get only one user login for an account for the Trial and Professional plan. Enterprise users will get a multi-user login feature upon request. In the future, you will get a provision to add multiple accounts with different ...
    • How can I become a Reseller Partner?

      Please visit here to know more about Pickcel reseller service or you can contact to our support team for further information.
    • How does a user register in Pickcel?

      1.  Open https://signage.pickcel.com in any web browser. 2. Create an account using a valid email Id which will also be your Username or use your google account. 3.  You will receive an account verification email to your registered email.  4. Click ...
    • What are the different types of pricing plans?

      We have 3 types of pricing plans: Trial (free, for a limited period) Professional Enterprise For more details, you can visit https://www.pickcel.com/pricing.html.
    • What is Zone in Pickcel?

      Zone is defined as a partition within the screen where the user can run contents/playlist independently. To know more about zone click here.