What are the basic requirements to run Pickcel Digital Signage?

            1. For Pickcel cloud digital signage:
            •  Media/ Signage Player  based on:- 

              • Android
              • Chrome OS
              • Amazon Fire TV Stick
              • LG webOS
              • Samsung Tizen
              • or inbuilt Android display.

            • In case of Media/ Signage player (Android,Chrome OS,Amazon Fire TV Stick) you need a external TV with HDMI.
            • Laptop/Desktop for scheduling.

            2. For on premise Pickcel cloud digital signage: 
            • Server (VM or Physical) with below requirement
              • Minimum 4 core CPU
              • Ubuntu 16.04 server OS
              • 8 GB RAM
              • 1 TB storage

            • Media Player (Android, Chrome OS) or LG webOS or inbuilt Android display's.
            • In case of Media player (Android,Chrome OS) you need an external TV with HDMI port.
            • Laptop/Desktop for scheduling.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 07:42 PM
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