Can I use multiple compositions for multiple digital signage displays in my account? | Pickcel

Can I have multiple compositions for multiple displays in my account?

Yes, you can create multiple compositions for multiple displays. Also, you can use the default layout templates available in the Pickcel Console or create your own custom template. You can also use the option "Templates" to use some already created templates based on your industry chosen. To know how to create a composition Click here.
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    • How many displays in an instance can be supported on Pickcel?

      Pickcel's cloud infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate an unlimited number of screens. Should you need licenses for over 250 digital signage screens, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss our Enterprise plan option.
    • Can I have multiple schedules for a screen ?

      No,  we can not have multiple schedules for a screen. But we can have multiple compositions arranged in day sequences inside a schedule which will cover all the requirements.  If one screen already has active schedule and if you try to assign a new ...
    • How to add Multiple Slides in a Composition?

      Multislide: The Multislide feature lets you add Multiple slides in a single template/composition. You can add different zones in multiple slides and customize according to your wish. Here's how you can create Multislide: 1. Login to your business ...
    • Why compositions are not getting deleted ?

      Any composition created in Pickcel console can be deleted using the delete option against it. But if the compositions are associated to any schedule/quickplay or set as default composition, then those can not be deleted and you will observe the below ...
    • How many user logins do I get with a single Pickcel account?

      Currently, both the Trial and Professional plans offer a single user login per account. However, Enterprise users can request access to a multi-user login feature. In the future, we will introduce the ability to add multiple user accounts with ...