Who is a Sub user and How do I add sub users in Pickcel ?

Who is a Sub user and How do I add sub users in Pickcel ?

Sub-User means any person that is given access to the particular Pickcel account by the Admin user of that account. The access of the subuser can be restricted using roles and permissions. 
  1. You can use "Groups" feature to group users based on who will have access to particular screens 
  2. Users belonging to different groups will not be able to see each other's Screens, Media, Composition, and Schedule.
  3. The changes admin make in the account may or may not be visible to the subuser, based on the roles and groups assigned for the subuser 
 Please refer What is a Group and how do I add a Group? to understand the use of groups and how to add it. 

By default only one subuser can be added. For adding more subuser, please get in touch with Pickcel Support.

Follow the steps below to create sub-users in Pickcel:

1. Go to the Settings module and click on the '+ Add Group'.
Please Note: Having a Group is mandatory while creating a sub-user. 

2. Add the group name and give a description. Then, click on 'Add Group'

3. Next, choose the User tab and click on the '+ Add User' button.

4. Add the user details (name, email address,Password) and from the Drop down menu select the User role.

5.Select at least select one group (User creation is not possible without groups )

6.Click on Add User

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