Why my card is getting declined multiple times?

Why my card is getting declined multiple times?

Declined card payments can occur due to various reasons, and we're here to support you in resolving this issue.

Common Reasons for Card Declines:
  1. Incorrect or Expired Card details: Ensure that the card details are accurately entered and that the card remains valid.
  2. Credit Limit Exceeded: Verify whether your credit limit has been reached, preventing further transactions.
  3. Suspicious Activity: Banks may decline payments if they detect unusual or suspicious activity. Contact your bank to verify and approve the subscription.
  4. Bank Restrictions: Sometimes, banks may block recurring payments for security reasons. Contact your bank to verify if this is the issue.
  5. Card Limitations: Confirm that your card allows recurring payments and online transactions.
Adding another card, contacting your card issuer are some steps you can take to ensure your subscription remains active.
If you continue to experience difficulties with card payments, our support team is ready to help. Our team can guide you through alternate options or the process of receiving a manual invoice for your subscription payment. 

Contact our support team here. 

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