What is a layout? How to create a new layout?

What is a layout? How to create a new layout?

What is a Layout?
The layout is the arrangement and positioning of media within a composition on a screen. It simply means which content goes where. 

How to create a new layout?

1. Go to www.pickcel.com and log in to your registered account to access the Pickcel dashboard.

2. Click on the "Composition" menu from left hand side  and click on the  "+ Add Composition" button.

3.  To create a new layout, click on the 'Create New Layout' button. It will take you to the layout designer page.


4. The layout designer starts with a blank landscape template. To change the screen orientation (landscape/portrait) or custom resize the template, click the dropdown arrow next to 'Template Type'. You can also remove the grid view by clicking on the check box next to the 'Grid' option.

6. To add Zones click on the 'Add Zone' button.

7. An orange-highlighted zone will appear (Zone 1). Resize the zone either by dragging the corners or by manually typing the Width & Height.



8. Click 'Add Zone' and repeat the process to create as many zones as you want within the layout. You can delete the zones by clicking on the delete icon.



9. You can rename the template from top left side as shown below : 

10. Finally, click 'Create Template' to save your layout design.

11. Your custom-designed layout will appear on the layout selection page under custom section.


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