Pickcel - What are zones in Pickcel digital signage CMS software?

What is Zone in Pickcel?

Zone is defined as a partition within the screen where the user can run contents/playlist independently. To know more about zone click here.
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    • How to install the Pickcel software on LG Web OS Tv using USB Flash Drive?

      1. Go to  https://www.pickcel.com/download/#lg-webos 2. Scroll down and download the file which is suitable for your LG Web OS device (before downloading, check the LG Web OS version and orientation.) 3. Connect the USB and create a folder named ...
    • How to install the Pickcel digital signage software on Raspberry Pi?

      1. Go to https://www.pickcel.com/download/#raspberry-pi 2. Click on the 'Download' icon (down arrow) and download the file of your preference. 3. Download the 'balenaEtcher' tool from the given link https://www.balena.io/etcher/ 4. Download the ...
    • Can I run Pickcel on Google Chromecast ?

      No, Pickcel cannot be used on Chromecast. Chromecast is a simple mirroring device, it has very limited storage. You can check out the Chrome devices that are supported by Pickcel here: https://www.pickcel.com/digital-signage-player/#chrome
    • Is the Pickcel digital signage software free?

      Pickcel trial account is free for 14 days. During the trial period, you can add 2 displays free of cost. Once the trial period expires, you will need to upgrade to our Professional or Enterprise plan to continue enjoying the benefits. For more ...
    • Does Pickcel Support Local Streaming with Multicast?

      Yes, Pickcel supports local Live / Media Streaming with Multicast. However, your network should be able to support multicast streaming and associated hardware to stream videos on the network. For more information contact our support team.