What is Quick Play in Pickcel Digital Signage software ?

What is Quick Play and How to assign a quick play to the screens?

You can use Quick play option if you want to play a composition on a display right now for a specific time. Quick play option takes a higher precedence than already existing schedule in a display. This should be ideally used for emergency notification. 

    Create a composition ,if you do not have created one already. Read below article to know more about compositions : 
There are multiple ways to publish a quickplay : 

Method 1 - Publishing a quickplay 

  • Click on "Publish" module from the menu and click on Publish button .         
  • From the available options, select Quickplay 
  1.  Select the screens on which the quickplay needs to be assigned and click on Proceed
  • Select the composition which needs to be assigned as quickplay, enter quickplay name and duration and click on Publish

Your  Quickplay is now  successfully assigned to the screens

Method 2- Assigning a quickplay from composition module
  • Move your mouse to that composition to see the three dots . Click on "Assign as quickplay".

  • Give a name to this quick play and provide duration till when the content should run. 

  • Select the screen's on which you would like to assign this quick play.

  • Click on "Submit". Your contents are now live on the selected screens. 

Method 3- Assigning a quickplay from screen module

  1. Click on Screen module and hover on the screen details of the screen you want to assign a composition. Click on the three dots.

  2. Click on Assign Quickplay.

  3. Select the composition, add duration and if everything looks good add a name and click on Assign.

  4. You can also assign a quickplay by click on Screen details and click on the play button on top right. 

  5. Select the composition and edit the time duration and click on Assign if all looks good.

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