Im using a URL app & the content is not responsive or loading on the screen.

Why the content is not responsive or not loading on the screen when i use URL app?

When a website fails to load there are several factors that might contribute to this issue. It's essential to troubleshoot these potential reasons to identify and address the problem.

Here are some common causes to consider:
  1. Cross-Origin Restrictions
  2. X-Frame-Options Header
  3. Content Security Policies (CSP)
  4. JavaScript Errors
  5. Incompatible Features
  6. Website Blocking Iframes
  7. HTTPS vs. HTTP (Only HTTPS links are allowed)
  8. Frame Breaking Scripts
Responsive issue : Certain websites might lack the responsiveness needed to adapt content for varying resolutions, resulting in unresponsive content on the screen.

Unfortunately, Pickcel cannot address these restrictions as they are implemented on the website's side, you can always contact our support team, who will help you out in understanding this. 

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