What is Composition? How to create a Composition?

            Composition is a combination of screen layout and playlist within each zone of screen layout. Screen layout is referred as template in Pickcel CMS. You can use the pre-defined templates comprising of zones or you can create your own templates.
            Further, once you select a template you can assign playlist comprising of images, videos and apps for each zone within the template.

            Follow the steps below to use the default template or to create a new one.

            Using default templates:

            • Click "Composition" menu.

            • Click "Create composition" button.

            • Click "Pencil" icon next to Template. 

            • Select any layout from default templates by clicking "Use This" button.

            • Assign content to each zones accordingly by uploading new Images/Video/Apps or select the existing ones.

            • Once done Click "Save" to save the composition.

            • Give a name to the composition and click on "Confirm to save"

            Creating a new template:

            • Click "Composition" menu.

            • Click "Create composition" button.

            • Click "Pencil" icon next to Template.

            • Click "Create Template".

            • Enter a name for the composition in the text-box.

            • Click "Add Zones" to add a zone (upto 9 zones).

            • Enter the name of the zone in the textbox.

            • Design the layout with zones and click "Create Template"

            Updated: 28 Mar 2019 06:28 PM
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