Can i create a playlist or group compositions to play on the screen in Pickcel?

Can I Create Composition Playlists for Looping contents for a period of time in Schedule?

Unfortunately, at the moment, Pickcel doesn't offer the option to create groups of compositions for scheduling. You'll need to schedule compositions individually.

Click here to know how to schedule or publish contents on the screen.

If you find any issues while creating a schedule, please feel free to contact our support team
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      1. Login to your Pickcel account and screen module will be opened. Select the screen that you want view the schedule of. 2. You can view the name of the schedule in the column Current schedule. You can view more details by clicking on three dots and ...
    • How do we Schedule or Publish contents on the screen?

      There are three ways to schedule/publish the contents. 1. Quick Play Click on "Composition" Create a composition if you do not have one created. Hover your mouse on to that composition to see the "Play" icon and click on it. Give a name to this quick ...
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      Note : This  feature will be available to users registered after 27th Jan 2022 Watch us on Youtube ! Scheduling is a way to publish predefined content to the screens for user's choice of time and date. Schedule can be set for any shorter to longer ...
    • Is there any specific time to schedule the content?

      No, there are no fixed time restrictions for scheduling content. With peer-to-peer connectivity, you have the flexibility to schedule content at any time of the day, and the content will be live on the device as per the specified schedule.