Can i create multiple partitions in the display to run different contents? | Pickcel

Can I create multiple partition within the display to run different contents?

Yes, you can create multiple partitions. In Pickcel we call it as Zone. In each zone you can run different images, video or apps as per your needs. To know more about zones click here.

Apart from Images and Videos you can also use apps such as Youtube, RSS feeds, Tickers, Text, Clock, Weather, URL's, Slides, Maps and many more. 
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    • Can I have multiple zones in a single display? If yes, how many videos can I add?

      Yes, you can create a maximum of 6 zones for a single display. In each zone you can add separate videos. By default, the audio from the zone 1 will be played while all the videos from other zones will be running simultaneously.  
    • What is Zone in Pickcel?

      Zone is defined as a partition within the screen where the user can run contents/playlist independently. To know more about zone click here.
    • Can I have multiple compositions for multiple displays in my account?

      Yes, you can create multiple compositions for multiple displays. Also, you can use the default layout templates available in the Pickcel CMS or create your own custom template.