How to install the Pickcel digital signage software on Samsung Tizen (SSSP) TV?

How to install the Pickcel software on Samsung Tizen (SSSP) TV?

Please follow the below steps to install Pickcel software on Samsung Tizen (SSSP) TV : 
If you want to install the software through USB, Click here.

1. Select your language and press the 'OK' button.

2. Select the installation type as 'Basic Setup' and click on 'OK'.

3. Select the Display Orientation and Click on 'OK'.

4. Select the 'Auto Power Off' as off (Recommended).

5. Configure your device with the Network (Wired or Wireless).

6. Under the option, ‘Play Via’ select ‘URL Launcher.

7. Under ‘Install Web App,’ enter '' and select ‘OK’.

8. Select 'Skip' for Connect RM Server.

9. Set the 'Date & Time'.

10. You will get a success message as 'Complete.' Click on 'Done'.

11. Click on 'URL Launcher'.

12. Once the app is launched, it will show a 6 digit unique Screen Registration Code.
You will have to enter this code on your Pickcel console ( to complete the pairing of your screen.
To learn how to pair your device with the Pickcel console, click here.

Factory settings  (For already configured Tizen TV )

If the screen does not start as shown in the above steps, you can reset the factory settings. Please follow the below steps:
  • Turn the screen off with the remote.
  • Click MUTE – 1 – 8 – 2 – POWER ON with the remote. This provides access to the system menu.
  • Go to "Options" and select "Factory reset" twice.
  • When the screen is off, turn it back on. The screen should now be back to factory settings.