How to use Power BI app with Pickcel?

How to use Power BI app with Pickcel?

With Pickcel, you can seamlessly display your Power BI reports on signage screens, enhancing the visibility and impact of your data insights, transforming how you present and communicate data in real time.

Follow the given steps to display your report on the signage screens

Step 1. Log into Pickcel console and click on Apps.

Step 2. Search for the Microsoft Power BI app in the search bar.

Step 3. Click on Create App.

Step 4. Login with your Microsoft account.

Step 5. After successful authentication, you will be able to see the groups in your Power BI account. Now, give a suitable name to your app.

Step 6. Select the group from where you want to access the reports.

Make sure to add your reports in a custom or new workspace, Pickcel can not access the reports from "My workspace".

Step 7. Select a report that you want to publish.

Step 8. Now click on Create App to save your app.

Step 9. You can view your app in the media section.

You can preview your app by clicking on the thumbnail.

After creating the app, create a composition and assign it to your screen.
How to create a composition?

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