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What are Pickcel composition templates and how to use them?

The Pickcel composition templates show you various possibilities and combinations in which you can utilize your media, the Pickcel apps, and your screen space. Our experts have designed the templates keeping your industry needs in mind. Some of these templates contain advanced layouts that may be difficult for you to create from scratch. You can use these templates for inspiration or customize them to design your screen content. 

Follow the steps below to use the Composition Templates:

1. Login to your Pickcel Console and click on the Compositions module 

2. Click on Templates

3.  It will take you to the templates studio

Here you can select any template and there are three options:

View Full Screen: Click on this to preview the template in full screen on your system

Publish*: Use this option when you want to publish the template to your screen as it is

Copy & Edit**: Use this option if you want to customize the template and add it to your saved compositions. You can only change the media (images, texts, apps), not the template layout.

*steps below the image
**steps below the image

*Publishing the template to screen:

a. Click on Publish from the three options and then select the screen where you want to publish the template. Next, click on Submit.

b. Confirm the selection and the template will start running on your screen. 

**Copying the template to your account 

a. From the three options available on template, click on Copy & Edit.  It may take a few seconds to copy it to the account. 

b.  Once it's copied, it will take you to the composition editor. Here you can see your saved media files & apps and use them for your composition.
To learn how to add media to different zones in a composition, click here.

After you have customized your media, click on Update. Name your composition and click on Update & Exit. Your new composition will be saved. You can now access it in the Composition module and publish it to your screens whenever you want.

How to publish a composition to your screens?
V3 users click here
V4 users 
click here

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