How to install the Pickcel digital signage software on Linux player?

How to install the Pickcel digital signage software on Linux player?

Considerations for the physical setup:
             I. Linux system.
             II. Active internet connection. 

2. Download the deb file for your Linux by clicking on the download option. 

3. Now, go to the Downloads menu on your device and double-click on the downloaded file.

4. Click on 'Install.'

5.Enter the password and click on 'Authenticate' to begin the installation.

6. After installation, type 'Pickcel' in Dash, and launch the Pickcel application from there.

7. Once the app is launched, it will show a 6 digit unique Screen Registration Code.
You will have to enter this code on your Pickcel console ( to complete the pairing of your screen.
To learn how to pair your device with the Pickcel console, click here.

Add Pickcel app to run automatically at startup in Linux

     a. Open Startup Applications on your system.


    b. In the Startup Applications window, click on the 'Add' button.

   c. In order to add any application to the startup applications list, you will need to find the command that runs that  application. For that, type in the following command in the terminal:  which pickcel-digital-signage and click on the Enter button.

   d. From the following screenshot, you can see that the /usr/bin/pickcel-digital-signage is the full path of the Firefox application and can be used as the command name in the Startup Applications.

   e. Name: Type any user-friendly name for the program. 
    Command: Type the command that executes this program. As discussed in the previous step, it can be a name or the  path of the program.
  Once done, click on the Add button.

    f. Close the startup application and restart your system. The Pickcel app will launch automatically.