How to install the Pickcel digital signage on LG Web OS Tv using USB Flash Drive?

How to install the Pickcel software on LG Web OS Tv using USB Flash Drive?

2. Scroll down and download the file which is suitable for your LG Web OS device (before downloading, check the LG Web OS version and orientation.)

3. Connect the USB and create a folder named  application (folder name is case-sensitive).

4. Put the downloaded IPK file in the application folder and the name of the file should be (file name is case-sensitive).

5. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of an LG Web OS device. Then click on the Settings icon   from the LG remote.

6. Open General and click on the  Time & Date option and set your local Time Zone.

7. Go for the Ez Setting menu, and select the SI SERVER SETTING option.

8.  On the SI SERVER SETTING screen, select the  SI Server Setting option.

9. On the settings menu, set the following fields with the values provided. The following fields are marked with  corresponding letters in the screenshot below.

a.  Application Launch Mode: Local
b.  Application Type: IPK
c.  Local Application Upgrade: USB 

10. After clicking on USB you will get an  Application Upgrade confirmation pop-up > Click on CONFIRM.

11. It will show a success message after the completion of the installation. Click on 'OK ' and reboot the device.

12.  Press the 'Home' button to see the Pickcel app on the home screen and s
elect the Pickcel app, then press the ' OK' button on the remote to launch the app.

13.  Once the app is launched, It’ll take a couple of minutes to connect to the internet. After the internet is connected, it will show a 6 digit unique Screen Registration Code.
You will have to enter this code on your Pickcel console ( ) to complete the pairing of your screen.
To learn how to pair your device with the Pickcel console, click here.