How to set up the Pickcel application with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

How to set up the Pickcel application with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

1. Launch your Fire TV Stick and from the menu, select 'Find.' 

2. Click on the 'Search' option.

3. Using the directional pad, type 'Pickcel', and press the center button on your remote to select the app.

4. Select the Pickcel app and press the center button on your remote.

5. Then select 'Download.'

6.Wait for the download to finish and select 'Open' to launch it.

7. Click on the 'Allow' option for Pickcel to access the photos, media, and files on your device.

8. Once the app is launched, it will show a six-digit unique 'Screen Registration Code.' You will have to enter this code on your Pickcel console ( to complete the pairing of your screen.
To learn how to pair your device with the Pickcel console, click here.

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