What do the three dots (Health indicators) on my screen mean and how do they function?

What do the three dots (Health indicators) on my screen signify, and how do they operate?

The three dots, also known as health indicators, provide insights into the screen/device's status. Each dot conveys specific information:
  1. The first dot indicates the server/internet connection. A green dot signifies a healthy connection, while red indicates that the screen is not connected the internet.
  2. The second dot represents content downloading. A yellow dot means content is being retrieved from the server, turning green once it's ready for display.
  3. The third dot reflects the device's date and time. If the device's date/time is inaccurate due to an unstable internet connection, this dot turns red; otherwise, it remains green.
For assistance with any issues related to these health indicators, please reach out to our support team.

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