How to create people space app from Pickcel App store?

What is the People Space app and how to create it from Pickcel App store?

People Space App:

The People Space app gives you the flexibility to turn your digital signage screens into a virtual recognition wall or profile gallery. Round the year, you can use this app to post birthday messages, highlight team achievements, introduce new faces, and showcase testimonials. This app has multiple standard templates and you can create your own design too. 

To create the app: 

1. Register and login to your Pickcel account. Click on the App module in the dashboard.

2. Search for the 'People Space' app in the search bar:

3. Hover over the app thumbnail and click on the Create App button:

4. A new window opens where you can select from our standard templates or create your own design from scratch:

5. If you click Create your own template, a blank page opens to add all the details:

6. Add the app name, and the board title. Click on the Add Content button to start creating your people profiles. When the Add content window opens, fill in the name of an individual and add the message (Your message can be a bio of the individual, a quote from the individual, or any other descriptive text.) Now click on Add.

7. Hover on the image icon and click on the edit image icon to add a profile picture. 

8.  To add the profile picture, select the image from your Pickcel media library and click on Assign:
Make sure you have already uploaded the profile pictures to the Pickcel media library before this stage.

9. To create more profiles, click on the + icon in the far right corner of the created list element. Your profile list will finally appear something like this: 

10. Click on the Settings icon to change fonts, background, color, and slide transition speed. Once done, Click on Apply

Note: Here you can switch between different Standard templates too. 

11. Before publishing, take a final look by clicking on the Preview button. 

12. Click on Save and a confirmation popup appears. If everything looks good, click on Save again. Your configured People Space app is now stored in the Pickcel Media module. 

You can create composition using above app and then assign it to the screen using schedule or quickplay

On Screen it would look like this:

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