What media file formats are supported in Pickcel digital signage CMS software?

What are the media file formats supported in Pickcel?

Pickcel offers versatility in handling different types of media files, including images, videos, and PDFs. Below is a list of the compatible file formats for each media type within the Pickcel platform:

- Images : You can easily upload image files in JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats directly through the Pickcel console.

- Videos : Pickcel seamlessly handles all video formats except for FLV and F4V.

- PDFs : For documents, Pickcel accepts PDF files with the .pdf extension for convenient use within the platform.

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      There are no specific limitations on the file size when it comes to uploading media files. Nevertheless, we suggest that if your internet connection is not consistently stable, it's advisable to upload files of up to 500 MB at a time. If you ...
    • How to add media in Pickcel Console?

      1. Login to your Pickcel account. Click on Media module 2. Click on the Add Media button. 3. Click on "Upload files" option 4. Click on "Upload From Computer" to upload or you can also drag and drop media files from your computer. 5. You can track ...
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      Media encompasses the videos, images, and apps that you upload to the Pickcel CMS. These elements constitute the content that you display on your screens, including displays and TV screens. We offer compatibility with all common formats for images, ...
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      Playback Reports/ Proof of play provide complete information about how many times your media( Images/Videos/Apps/Pdf) was played in loops along with the duration of each media in your digital signage device. To see the reports,please follow the below ...
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      By default , Pickcel does not support 4k videos. Please contact our Support team to enable this option in your account.  Before using any 4k video with Pickcel app,please verify if your device supports 4k videos. You can do this by playing any 4k ...